Presentation by Principal

                            Kali McMorris

           Convent of Mercy Academy (Alpha)


With computer technology in its infancy in the 1960’s, it is amazing how accurately Space Odyssey:  2001 predicted advanced technologies like teleconferencing (Skype), computer guidance systems, flat panel televisions, tablet computers, computer gaming (chess), cryogenic suspension, zero gravity toilets, delayed speed-of-light radio transmissions or fiber-optic memory banks.

In fact Clarke and Kubrick have been credited with having produced a landmark movie with many important implications such as the idea that in order to travel beyond our galaxy, we will have to transcend beyond the limitations of our frail and time-dependent human bodies.

That is where we are right now…at a point in education and in the development of technology that we are really preparing for - careers; lives for which; we have to transcend our current reality.


Suppose we have wasted too much time

-And lost a generation to apathy and greed OR missed the untapped genius

Suppose we have given them mediocre when what we want from them is their best

Or…Is there time? Can we flip it?

Working together can we create for this generation the opportunities that these girls, these young people need to become the

  • Thinkers          -Innovators

THE World Changers They are destined to be?

We think so! We have a Dream

We know for our dream to become real it needed to become a goal

 with a time line; with steps

We know that our  plan must inspire us, drive us  to….ACTION.


That’s why we have invited you here …. To invite you to help us make this dream come true….It is a dream to Build Capacity-

A dream to give staff and students the access to the technology they need for optimal educational experiences.


This dream is consistent with the Mercy Tradition of educating and empowering women;             a Tradition which led to the formation of this Academy 123 years ago

THIS HAS TO BE A CRUSADE because it is a campaign to move away from a philosophy of education which the student as a vessel to be filled towards a new way of learning where students are full participants in knowledge creation and skill development. One where the aim is for them to become- independent,  lifelong learners.

It is a Crusade because we want to empower our girls to be the best that we can be.

It is a Crusade because we want to journey with our teachers who want to present new opportunities for our girls.

And so we go… taking it step by step… 1-2-3

ONE of the kind Research Facilities where staff and students are able to use available computers or bring their own and to access the internet and printing.

This means a modern Library and improved staff work spaces.

We will update our TWO existing IT Labs

 by upgrading the systems and stabilizing internet access across the campus.

Develop THREE State of the art learning hubs.

where students will explore, experiment and innovate using the most appropriate technology.

This Crusade is a campaign to transform communities by creating independent, lifelong learners who will join their brothers and sisters in our neighboring schools to become the new intelligentsia… to become strong Jamaican men and women empowered to achieve their full potential.

We need you our friends to make this dream a reality.

 Join us and become a life changer. Join us and be named to our Wall of Friends.

 Join us because we cannot give up!

Friends ….We have to make a difference for them to be the Difference!

Convent of Mercy "Alpha" Academy Connectivity Crusade


Breakfast Feeding Program



The school's Breakfast Program Fund is administered through the Sisters of Mercy Business Office.  Breakfast is provided daily for needy students at the Campus Ministry's Centre on the campus.  If you would like to help to support this program you can make a donation.


Scholarship Program


Alpha Tri-State alumnae are always thinking of ways to give back to their alma mater.  One area that the association thinks it could be helpful in, is by awarding scholarships to needy students.  If you would like to support this program please consider making a donation.

Athletic Program


The alumnae association would like to start a new program to assist the student athletes.  The program would fundraise to help with the costs associated with sending the athletes and coaches to different sporting events, especially the Penn Relays.  This year due to budget cuts there is not enough money for the school's athletic program. If you would like to support this program please consider making a donation.

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